Civilization and The Physical Wasteland

Quotes and Pics :)

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"On the mattress lay a man with his legs gone to the hip and the stumps of them blackened and burnt. The smell was hideous," (McCarthy 110).

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"Are you one of the good guys?" (McCarthy 282).

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"Everything paling away into the murk. The soft ashe blowing in loose whirls over the blacktop. He studied what he could see. The segments of road down there among the dead trees. Looking for anything of color. Any movement. Any trace of standing smoke," (McCarthy 4).

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"There's nothing there," (McCarthy 158).

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"He looked around. As if there might be help somewhere. Scrawny, sullen, bearded, filthy. His old plastic coat held together with tape," (McCarthy 255)

Discussion Questions

What would it be like to live in a place like this?

Did this world positivly affect the father son relationship?

Are there any place in the world today that would resemble the world in the book?


This theme is present in The Road. The "civilization" that is established is one of turmoil and caous. There are the good the bad and the ugly throughout this entire book.The bad find food in their fellow man and choose to kill eachother and keep eachother as cattle these "cattel" are tortured humans they are the ugly side of this civilization with their torn limbs and grusome looks mare each page of the book. Not only is the humanity scared but the land is as well. There is little to no food and everywhere is gry and black, covered with ash. Buildings are broken and destroyed, and noothing looked as it used to. Though there is all this destruction there are the peope that live through it the father and son are the hopeful side of civilization making their own path and never sucoming to the terros of the time they live in. We chose the quotes above because of their ability to represent and describe the wasteland that these characters call civilization.