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Class Syllabus

-Forget why you came here?
The class syllabus is as good a starting point as any. You can read it here:English IV Class Policies.doc


-Lost one or several of your English IV Vocab. lists? Download them here: EngIV VocabLists.doc

Graduation Project

- Are you needlessly freaking out about all of your Graduation Project work? Stop fretting and get moving to the "Graduation Project" page (located to your left under the "Navigation" tab). Here you can find copies of manuals and other materials to help with the research paper and other assignments.

Online Discussion

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Course Content

Under this section, you will find assignments and resources for different texts that we will read this semester. If you were given an assignment with the literature, locate the specific work below and begin.


Chaucer/Canterbury Tales


Sir Gaiwain and the Green Knight