Fate vs. Choice 4

fate vs CHOICE‚Äč
brought to you by Stephanie Presley, Laura King, Sivan Levine, and Gena Murfin.
page 333 lines 47-50
First Witch: All hail, MacBeth! Hail to thee, Thane of Glamis!
Second Witch: All hail, MacBeth! Hail to thee, Thane of Cawdor!
Third Witch: All hail, MacBeth! That shalt be king hereafter!
page 343 lines 1-8
If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well
It were done quickly. If the assassination
could trammel up the consequences, and catch,fork.jpg
with his surecease, success, that but this blow
might be the be-all and the end-all here
page 414 lines 4-6
Of all men else I have avoided thee,
But get thee back! My souls is too much charged
with blood of thee already

page387 lines 144-148
Time, thou anticipat'st my dread exploits,
The flighty purpose never is o'ertook
Unless the deed go with it. From this moment
The very firstlings of my heart shall be
The firstlings of my hand
In MacBeth, choice takes control. Even though the witches tell him that things are going to happen he is the one that ultimately chooses to follow through with them. In a sense, the witches can call each of the events that happen to Macbeth fate because they knew they could influence how Macbeth would end up making choices that would result in the witches predictions. It wasn't his original intent to kill Duncan, but with the pressure of his wife (Lady Macbeth), he gave in. It was his choice to commit the murder. Once Duncan's body was found, Macbeth's guilt overpowered him and it was his choice to kill the two bodyguards, not fate. So even though the ideas of murder and greed were originally planted in his head, it was not his fate to commit these acts of violence. He knew he would have to overcome these obstacles in order for him to maintain power. So he ultimately chose his fate!