Here you can find documents and information to assist you with every part of the Graduation Project. Just click on the file you want and save it to your hard drive.

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Deadline Overview (has every due date for every assignment):


Expert in the Field
Manual: Expert_Manual.pdf

Mentor Manual:Mentor_Manual.pdf

Parent Manual: Parent_Manual.pdf

Topic Selection/Proposal Letter

Topic Selection Guide Topic Selections.doc
Sample Proposal Letter Sample Proposal Letter.pdf

Research Paper/MLA Format

Link to Library Search Engines and Noodlebib
Research Guide One Organizing Your Research.doc
Research Guide Two Assigning research to Sub topics 2.doc
Composing a Thesis Statement Breaking Down Your Research Topic.doc
Thesis and Outline Thesis Statement and Outline.doc
In-Text Citations MLA Format.doc
Guide to Editing/Peer Editing Peer Editing.doc



Guidlines for Notecards Speech Notecards.doc
Speech Guidelines Presentation Preparation.doc