Father and Son Relationship :The relationship between the father and the son in The Road is a very important element in the story. Because they are father and son, they watch out for each other and care for each other while still staying strong and fighting through the harsh conditions. In the book the father constantly tries to give the son his food and things that he needs showing that the fathers love for the son is strong. However, the son always catches him and does not let him do it showing the child's love for his father. Both sides of the relationship are strong and that is what keeps them alive and well. We feel that if this story showed the relationship of a mother and daughter on this journey, the end might have come sooner. Women tend to talk to much and get on each others nerves. Also, a mother would care too much for her daughter to let her e alone or allow her to go through hard times even if she would grow from them. The bond between a mother and daughter would make it too difficult to make a hard decision if one needed to be made. Therefore, by showing the relationship between the father and son, the book is showing the possible conditions of survival under such harsh conditions.Resilience:


´╗┐Explanation: The father and son in the book teamed up to fight through struggles and survive through harsh conditions, together.
Quote: "They went on. It was already late in the day and it was another hour and deep into the long dusk before they
overtook the thief."Pg. 255
Son's dependence on Father


Explanation: Throughout the book the son depends on the father for food, protection, and basic survival needs. Quote: "They knelt there while he washed the boy's face and his hair." Pg. 74
Father's dependence on Son

Explanation: The father also depends on the son for survival because without the son he has no motivation to keep fighting.
Quote: "You have to stand guard." Pg. 223

No communication needed between eachother


´╗┐Explanation: Like most father/son relationships the man and son don't need to talk in order to bond. The lack of dialogue in the book helps set the mood and tone for the challenges that they must overcome together.
Quote:"Let's just sit, he said. We won't even talk." Pg. 135

Discussion Questions:1. How would the book be different if the relationship between the two was mother and daughter instead of father and son?2. How would it be different if the boy was a teenager instead of a little boy?